It was not a good day at work. I was sitting in his office for our weekly one-on-one meeting, and I had just realized it would be our last. Rob was the leader of my development team, and in many ways the heart and soul of the organization, and he was leaving to pursue an entirely different career. He said "I don't want to be a one-trick pony".

At the time I was an executive for a very large software company. And, at that very moment, I realized I was also a one-trick pony.

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember. In my opinion, pictures are the best way to cryogenically freeze time. There are other ways, of course, like videos and written narrative. But, as powerful as those are, they leave too little room for interpretation and introspection. They feed you the whole story. Pictures let you write it.

I like to capture moments you don't notice until you slow down and look. I like to capture the beauty and the ugliness of life. I like to capture expressions that authentic.

No, I am no longer a one-trick pony.

As I continue to snap away, capturing random moments in random places worth committing to posterity, I would love to help you do the same with the moments, people, and emotions that matter most in your life.

I have my own studio, located in the heart of San Jose Downtown, to accommodate the needs of those who are looking for individual or group portraits in a safe, controlled, and professional setting. However, I personally think that some of the best photographic memories are created when the camera follows real life as it happens and where it happens, and not the other way around. Whether it is your children playing at the park, your uncle and aunt playing chess, your pets curling up on the couch, or your grandma celebrating her birthday, I would love the opportunity to help you turn those special moments into memories you will cherish forever.

Each assignment is different, and will be tailored to your needs. Your investment will depend on a number of factors, including duration of the shoot, location, equipment and props required, and post-processing needs. Please contact me directly to initiate a conversation about your vision, requirements, and budget. I can travel anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Your photos will be available in my password protected Client Area, and you will be able to view them, share them, and print them in a variety of sizes and on a wide range of media types.

Thank you for visiting my site. Please feel free to comment on any picture, or add your own entry to the Guestbook. Good or bad, I will appreciate the feedback.